News Hound, Tell me, will do, what is happening today?

‘I’m glad you asked, hmm let’s see …’

  • Huge waves are crashing on Sydney’s coastline as wild winds continue to pound the city while storekeepers, home owners and emergency crews mop up the damage so far.

  • As reported earlier, today saw Venus’ transit across the face of the Sun.
  • Unhappy times in the House of Rothschild as Ben Goldsmith accuses estranged wife, Kate Rothschild, of having an affair with rapper Jay Electronica.

  • Queen Elizabeth II thanks those who took part as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations wrap up
  • And, Vladimir Putin – who was “too busy” to meet at Camp David last month for a G8 meeting – finds the time to meet Hu Jintao in Beijing to promote mutual co-operation on international and regional issues.

“We both believe that we should promote our co-operation on regional and international issues, to preserve our interests and the peace and stability of the world,” Mr. Hu said. He went on to say that China and Russia should use “all platforms and channels” to expand their military ties.

OK, seems the line in the sand is starting to take shape …

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