Ram Bahadur Bomjon – “Buddha” boy is now a man yet still a marvel

Several years ago whilst still in Korea I remember watching an interesting Discovery Channel documentary, The Boy with Divine Powers which featured the remarkable accomplishments of teenage Ram Bahadur Bomjon – then already having been dubbed “Buddha Boy” – for his ability to meditate seemingly without the need for food or water. For some reason I thought of this documentary a few days ago and was curoius as to just what happened to “Buddha Boy”? Was he still alive? Was it all just an elaborate hoax? Or, was there something more to this, something we just can’t fully explain?

The documentary – set in an isolated forest in rural Nepal where Ram had commenced his meditation and which had already become a circus with thousands of pilgrims, tourists and sightseers flocking each day to view this miracle of nature – was produced with two purposes in mind: to document Ram’s feat and its accompanying curiousty in a land bounded by a deeply spirituality but experiencing widespread change and upheaval at the time, and to monitor him for seventy-two hours continuously in order to determine whether this was an elaborate hoax or indeed a feat of incredible human endurance was being witnessed, whereby an individual is being sustained by spirituality alone, not requiring the seemingly essential nourishment of food and water to survive.

Despite a few setbacks – largely due to Ram’s over zealous brother and followers – the documentary crew were able to monitor his condition continuously for 72 hours (the amount of time the average cannot live without food or water) and assert that during this period the young man had not taken on food or water.

Fast forward eight years since Ram first started his spiritual odyssey and he is still an active meditator and  faster, being capable of inedia – the ability to live without food or water. Following the increasing accompanying circus following his fasting meditation at the base of the hollow tree featured in the documentary, Ram disappeared later in 2007 – when the documentary was released – only to be found some weeks later citing the reason why he left his original meditation spot  “because there is no peace”.

Controversy has since followed Ram, in 2010 there were reports that he had assaulted some local villagers in the Bara district of Nepal as they were mimicking his meditation, disrupting him and attempting to manhandle him. More seriously, a Slovak woman, held captive by Ram followers for three months, was released in 2012.

Ram, from a Buddhist family in majority Hindu Nepal,  has gone on record as stating he is not Buddha’s reincarnation. However, his remarkable feats continues to delight, intrigue, astonish and amaze observers leaving even the most ardent critics to question whether there is something special this man is able to achieve, and if he can, perhaps we are all capable too.

What are your thoughts? Despite the advances modern science and medicine have made over the past two centuries are there still some things that defy logic, science and the basic fundamentals of life we base our experiences upon?

Is Ram showing us something we are all ultimately capable of, or is he in some way, special, unique?

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43 responses to “Ram Bahadur Bomjon – “Buddha” boy is now a man yet still a marvel

  1. If you understand Buddhism, Buddha cannot reincarnate, as reaching nirvana means you escape the cycle of life. That’s why, if he say he is Buddha’s reincarnate – he would immediately be identified as a phony.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mingji. You make a good point.

    • ascending and not reincarnating in the physical sense is something i’m familiar with but I have also been introduced to “ascended masters” coming back for this special time in our history to help humanity ascend as a whole

    • He is another buddha.

    • Buddha can not reincarnate because he was born as human being who showed people the right path and the path to enlightenment and achieved nirvana to end his cycle of life. The purpose being to show that nirvana is achievable by us humans. But Buddha himself was not human and was a god who came as a human to show us the path and set an example. Being a god, he can reincarnate (or come back) any time he wishes or pleases. Now that’s my thought for Buddha – but this boy being budda or not is whole another story. He difinately has some special abilities to be able to sit there steady for days without food or water or being affected by weather. I cannot even get out of the house in winter without being properly dressed for winter – with thermals, warm clothes, gloves, boots, scarf, jackets, etc and a blanket wrapped around me till I get in the car which is already warmed up bcuz of the remote start feature. And as far as nourishments go, I keep on eating and drinking the whole day. I need at least 8 hours sleep every day. That’s not just me – I’m sure most of us normal humans are that way – so this boy definately is different and special and we gotta do more research about him rather then passing ignorant comments which are meaningless.

  2. Actually Ram himself has denied this, and many practitioners of Buddhism.
    The title was given by the people around him.

  3. meditation is the key to go through the door, into nirvana,enlightenment.
    to interconnected with spiritual energy that is within us…believe and step up,cause, a long journey starts with a first step…be kind to one another….kindness generates kindness,…, and feel blessed

  4. the power that is within us, is endless..,cause energy can not be destroyed, once you generate enough spiritual energy through meditation,the molecules of your body they`ll be connected to one another, aligned that’s when you reach bliss,peace within, in a state of profound silence…that leads you into enlightenment.
    abstinence+ time+profund silence+meditation,this is everything.

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  6. Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea. Focus your awareness on that one specific idea and all that relates to that idea, and live behind all the other ideas that conflicts with it. Just like how two gears that doesn’t spin in the same direction would cause a friction; You shouldn’t inhabit two conflicting group of ideas in your being. Sacrifice is just another word for letting go, and only when you let go could you hold another object in your hands. This is what meditation is about, it isn’t about being in a lotus position or sitting in a bodhi tree.

    The people most consider “creative” make this process obvious in everyday life. Artists, composers, poets, innovators, inventers, developers of all kinds, perceive in a wider range. Then they interpret and convert these perceptions, using materials in your shared environment, to produce art, music, technology, enterprises, new ideas that they bring into the reality they share.

  7. “Surrender not in the sense about invalidating who you are, rather just the opposite. We are talking about total validation of who you are, what you are, and what you were created to be. Surrender, in a sense of stopping the cessation of trying to be who you think you need to be and the start of simply allowing yourself to be who you are, to surrender and give up the personality game that you have been taught for many years to think that you were supposed to play. And in letting that go, in giving it up, in surrendering it, then actually allowing yourself to be what you were created to be, which is in the image of the Infinite. Which means you are created to be unlimited possibilities and, thus, then when you surrender the limiting personality mask that prevents you from seeing that you are Infinite being, that you are unlimited possibilities. When you give that up, you are then allowing the universe, which is a mirror, to reflect, not just the limited personality that you think you are supposed to be, but instead to reflect the unlimited possibilities that you actually are and to allow your life, as we said before, to become an infinite series of miraculous circumstances because that is what you are, miracles of Creation. Remember, you are Creation itself, you are the act of creation, you are the event of creation itself. So to surrender to life, to surrender to Creation, to surrender to the Infinite, no matter by what name you wish to call it, it doesn’t matter, by so doing, you are surrendering to your true nature and allowing your reality automatically to show you the miracle of creation that you are. And, thus, then, your reality can represent the miracle that you are by a continuous series of synchronicities that always support you, that benefit you, allow you to experience expanded creativity and abundance. When we talk about the idea of surrendering, we are talking about one of the most profound acts of love, self-love, creation that you can do. And in so, finally, just letting go, just stopping all the trying, all the struggling, all the striving of what you think you are supposed to do, in order to, “Have what you think you are supposed to have.” When you give all that up, when you finally just get so tired of trying to be who you think you are supposed to be and give up because you just get so tired of trying to push this that way, pull this this way, and make things fit, and make things fall into place, and make things work, when you finally get so tired of doing all that pushing and pulling, when you finally give it all up and let go, then, then the miracles happen, then you can experience life for what it is, unlimited possibilities. So, remember when you surrender your personality, when you let go and you give it up, you are surrendering to life, to the Infinite, and to your true self. You are not losing anything nor giving your power away. You are once and for all, finally, allowing yourself to actually be who you are, your natural self, your true self.” ― Bashar

    • Thank you for this. It moved me to tears. “Those voices flowed into my ears, and the truth was distilled into my heart, and then the feelings of devotion boiled over, and tears ran down, and I was happy at them.” St. Augustine, Confessions 9.6.

      • Thanks for your comments, Phillip and Matilda.

        Matilda, at this stage I actually only have an elementary knowledge of Buddhism and its tenets, thanks for your comments I should look further into Buddhism and gain a deeper understanding.



        PS I’ve cleared up the spam :)

  8. Bruce Lee said it in this words: “The Three Stages of Cultivation — The first is the primitive stage. It is a stage of original ignorance in which a person knows nothing about the art of combat. In a fight, he simply blocks and strikes instinctively without a concern for what is right and wrong. Of course, he may not be so-called scientific, but, nevertheless, being himself, his attacks or defenses are fluid. The second stage — the stage of sophistication, or mechanical stage — begins when a person starts his training. He is taught the different ways of blocking, striking, kicking, standing, breathing, and thinking — unquestionably, he has gained the scientific knowledge of combat, but unfortunately his original self and sense of freedom are lost, and his action no longer flows by itself. His mind tends to freeze at different movements for calculations and analysis, and even worse, he might be called “intellectually bound” and maintain himself outside of the actual reality. The third stage — the stage of artlessness, or spontaneous stage — occurs when, after years of serious and hard practice, the student realizes that after all, Kung Fu is nothing special. And instead of trying to impose on his mind, he adjusts himself to his opponent like water pressing on an earthen wall. It flows through the slightest crack. There is nothing to try to do but try to be purposeless and formless, like water. All of his classical techniques and standard styles are minimized, if not wiped out, and nothingness prevails. He is no longer confined.”

  9. His teaching stresses on non-discrimination, leading a moral life and be a vegan:


  10. i don’t know whether he is Buddha or not but i believe that he is one of a great vikshu of modern world……. n i appreciate his way of practice in path of Buddha…. n i like to meet him when he become great pure soul of modern world..

  11. I’ve seen him before in a world record book. This is quite the feat! I do wonder if he can truly go without food for that long… He does not move when he meditates, so he could be internally conserving the calories that are needed to survive as long he does without food.

  12. Excellent blog you have here but I was wanting tto know if you knew of any community forums that cover thee same topics talked about in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get suggestions from other
    experienced people that share the same interest.
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

  13. is there any way to find him? meet him in person?

  14. Thanks for the comments, everyone. It’s a fascinating topic and there’s so many things we’re yet to fully understand about the true power and potential of the human mind, body and spirit as Ram shows us. Hi Quincy, I’m not sure of any communities which discuss these issues though if I find any I’ll pass them on. Hi M, Ram, to my knowledge is still in Nepal and from time to time makes public appearances but he rarely announces these meetings before the event.

    Thanks for the links Helen and for the comments tsering dorjee and peiton.


  15. You can read the story of the kidnapped, tortured and raped Slovak woman – all at the command of Bomjon – on Halkoria (dot) myewebsite (dot) com , and the background of all this on Punarvasu (dot) myewebsite (dot) com.

  16. While i doubt that Ram, ‘Buddha boy’ claimed to be a reincarnation of the Buddha, I am fairly shocked that both Ben & Mingji Lim believe that reincarnation is not part of Buddhist teachings. Our karma creates our future rebirths. In the Mahayana tradition, it would be accepted that as Buddha has complete mastery over his consciousness, he can and would reincarnate in order to help sentient beings. That is the foundation of bodhisattvic activity whereby realised beings choose to live amongst us and teach the dharma.

  17. Also Ben you might want to clean up all the spam comments here, it’s starting to look like a dog’s breakfast!

  18. It is sad that this sick world doesn’t allow this special soul to practice in peace and solitude , until he feels ready to come out .
    It seems the world is always ready , in their skepticism, to take apart (or destroy) what is beyond their understanding, or to try right away to make a big buck out of it.
    At this point it is enough for me, that he inspires me through his example of meditative determination.

  19. I have read the life and teachings of the Buddha. What is says” The cause of suffering is because of life and death. The way to end suffering is to be an enlightened one. The most important teaching of the sutras is summed up in the sutra of the heart sutra. Ram is about my age and i believe that he is very brave to meditate alone away from society for so long. How long can one go without there friends and family. I know of this story a long time now. Surprised that people in the west are still concerned about a humble Hindu country in Nepal.

  20. Have you ever think who has created the soul? if there is an ending after nirvana how did it emerged? are there infinite souls? at certain day those infinite souls has to attain nibbanana then there shouldn’t be any souls. but if souls are generating due to a reason, then we have to stop that reason which will be the ultimate ending!

  21. As i see it, and experienced it, there is only one soul. Existence is somekind of illusion generating around this singular presence.

    • if there are constant number of souls, One soul for you, one soul for me and for others. Like that if at a certain moment in time and space everybody attain nirvana then that will be a special moment. But if the souls are not a constant and keep on generating due to some reason then we have to end that reason. It will be the end of suffering for everything!

  22. I can go over a full year without food or water! Of course, anyone can do the same if they try hard enough, and meditate! Of course, it is much more enlightening to have ice for your diet pop when doing this! I find that drinking warm pop all day can get quite boring, and the pop goes flat much faster! I think I saw a NASCAR banner in the background of one of these videos when I was looking at the Buddha! Did anyone else see this too?

  23. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up
    to other viewers that they will help, so here it takes place.

  24. You have nobody to thank here. Every comment is a waste of time. Nobody can understand unless they practise themselves. Sit in a half/full lotus position, and watch every inhale/exhale without missing a single one for an hour, and then you will begin to understand. Until then, you will not understand anything worthwhile about this man. At least, nothing more than entertainment value. The big story here, and with most stories, is how stupid people are. I searched out stories on this man only for the first time today, finding out about him by a search on another topic, and haven’t seen more than a handful of intelligent comments of understanding yet. Helen is a wacko, she posts those bogus “maitraya cult” links on ever story. They are completely bogus. Meditation is about turning the mind off, and being aware of what is left, with unwavering attention, which is the true self; normally hidden by the insanity of the brain.

  25. When one have not yet gained wisdom and understandings through vipasana and are able to view things as they really are, one might follow anyone who claims one thing or another because one had not yet understand how to view things without attachments. I’m just surprised that other monks who had been meditating had not gain enough wisdom to know this and are paying homage to this boy. I don’t think the Buddha cares if the boy was becoming enlightened or if he’s real or lying. It’s a good thing that his story brought some people to look at Buddhism closer and perhaps broadening their mind to it, but in my opinion, we don’t need to have another Buddha, we already have Buddhism and I think this boy that just wants to be worshiped. If he really wanted to be enlightened, he has to through the same path that the Buddha sets out for everyone, which is becoming a monk, live in a monastery, take and follow all the precepts… etc.. It’s harder than sitting there watching his family members collect money though…

  26. Thank you for all comments, I’m glad to found this. I’m Thai Buddhist I knew what all about but I couldn’t tell my German husband. My English not good enough to explain. Now, I think I can.

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  28. I’d like to know:
    -how he lights the fire, I heard great meditators and Qi Gong can
    -how he’s so buff for sitting in meditation for so long, doesn’t muscle atrophy?
    -how he sits in fire for so long, most would suffocate already
    *amazing person. I practice sitting meditation and 10mins hurt already. He defies logical science.

  29. Fight broke out between Ram Bamjan’s followers and local villagers

    4 people were injured in a fight between local villagers and the followers of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is well known as an ascetic person. This fight was happened when the followers of Ram Bamjan started to beat the local villagers for entering the jungle without permission. This fight was started when the villagers found that they had beaten one of the villagers named ‘Utim Guro’ vary badly all night tying his hands. In this fight, Ram Bamjan’s followers, Samir Gurung, Rup Bahadur Thing and Lama Balak are injured. Similarly, one villager, Rakesh Guro is also injured. Police has started their investigation for kidnapping the villager. Ram Bamjan has apologized on the behalf of his followers being such rude to the villagers.


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  31. i feel if he was Buddha that its possible through ascension but not reincarnation just how Jesus ascended from heaven he to left the cycle of life dont take this as me comparing Buddhism to Christianity I’m merely saying he could possibly be Buddhas ascended form it would seem fitting he as shown many signs showing his divinity over modern day medicine and science this would leave me to believe he may just be a god in the form of a human being just by him stating hes not Buddha shows hes modest not drawing attention to his self or to his ways just there to be a symbolic person in the time of need just as how Jesus was a symbolic person in the time of crisis. I’m not a very religious person but to see this has made me believe in the spiritual and supernatural that someday we will all reach a heightened enlightenment.

  32. I believe he tried and possibly still trying. I have not met him and going on what I see on Utube. Not great. :\ If Utube perhaps still is anything to go by it’s possibly a hoax but I do FEEL he’s genuinely trying. Perhaps just the wrong surroundings of family and the others that change the situation. As happens to all.

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