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Fallout from Snowden NSA Leak

Understandably, there’s been considerable reaction following Edward Snowden’s incredible whistleblowing on the powers of the National Security Association’s (NSA) PRISM system.

Julian Assange has labelled Snowden a hero, whilst Czar Vlad Putin himself has gone on RT Russian TV network to state that not even the Russians are ballsy enough to spy on its people without a warrant. You can see him loving this opportunity to claim the high moral ground and sink it into the US. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust Putin and I’m confident that Russian authorities indeed spy on their people without warrants – just like they have a tendency to remove pesky journalists and dissidents who don’t tow the line. But, hey what’s the fun in running an authoritative regime if you can’t knock off people you don’t like!

But, that’s where Russia and China possibly do have the moral high ground. They’re authoritarian regimes which outwardly and openly place screws on their populace and small business to keep citizens on the ‘right’ path. But, at least they’re upfront and honest about their bastardry. The US, on the other hand, seemingly inevitably slides further into authoritarianism whilst its Government simultaneously continue to self-promote themselves worldwide as the bastions of peace, liberty and freedom. Ha.

The mainstream media has been somewhat predictable but morally bankrupt on this issue, somehow appropriating blame to the whistleblower and not the system. Just when I thought Paul Sheehan’s piece in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday couldn’t be outdone on the grounds of shoddyness and downright misrepresentation, along comes today’s piece from David Brooks of the New York Times. Wow, just wow. Do these journos actually believe this self-important, morally bereft nonsense they type?

Meanwhile, another shot at vilifying the messenger and not the machine, Snowden surely overstepped his access level. Yes, of course.

Google have come out saying, ‘Hey we do nothing wrong!’ Sure …

And, not to be outdone comes the tabloid angle. Did you know Snowden left his pole dancin’, globe trottin’ high and dry in Hawaii? Now you do.


A former dictator’s grandson and present dictator’s nephew can led a very interesting online life in this digital age … Though, it’s best to delete all clues and cover your tracks lest you get found out. 김한솔은  나쁘다!! (HT James … Continue reading

Another day, another Facebook friend lost

Woke up this morning to discover, ‘Oh damn, it’s true another Facebook friend has deserted me’. Moments like this always leave me wondering what was the reason. Was I too opinionated? Too attention-seeking? Too needy? Too critical? Too juvenile? Or, heaven forbid, too fucking annoying? In truth, it’s probably a little a bit of all of them and perhaps some more.

I try to comfort myself thinking – Perhaps it’s a glitch in the Facebook friend tally system? Perhaps they’ve moved on? Perhaps we’ve gone different directions in life? Perhaps they don’t like Facebook anymore? Perhaps they’re volunteering in Africa and can’t access the Internet? Or, perhaps they’ve gone off the grid?

But, again, the dark thoughts cloud over. Perhaps those late night, drunken messages were starting to freak them out? Perhaps they always didn’t like me and just faked it? Perhaps they thought I was loser and I was just a sympathy friend? Perhaps they didn’t know who the fuck I was?

Worse is when you don’t realise it’s occurred until a couple of months later when you start thinking ‘I wonder what Joe’s up to now?‘ – only to discover the bitter truth, Joe is not your friend anymore.

In moments like this, I really wish Facebook would provide a Facebook unfriend feedback poll using a matrix of 1 to 10 along with a comments section covering a range of variables to pinpoint just why that person unfriended me, what to work on next time, how to make sure these occurences are minimised, or better still, don’t occur at all.

Somewhere out there are all my Facebook friends who’ve unfriended me. They’ll all have experiences I’ll never hear of anymore, live lives I’ll no longer know exist. I just want you all to know I still care despite our unfriendship status and wish you the best. Take heart in the knowledge that no matter how little I may have known you or connected with you in the past, I still sincerely care and am ready for a second chance if you are … please.

I ask you all to do the same and spend a moment thinking of the lives you no longer touch due to Facebook unfriendship. It really is a cold, hard online world out there. Though, seek comfort in the fact that they most likely just don’t fucking like you.

Move over Google ..

Over the weekend a new web search engine entered cyberspace to compete and expand on the search functions main rivals such as Google and Yahoo! provide. Wolfram Alpha, created by British physicist Stephen Wolfram, differs from the current popular search engines in that instead of providing any and all links – relevant or not so relevant – to a search query, Wolfram Alpha calculates relevance using mathematical algorithms to output one series of relevant data. As such you can receive a thorough and detailed result from the query you entered. For example, typing in my birth date, September 2nd, 1976 brings up the following interesting data –  as you can see I’m currently celebrating my 11,946th day of life!

Check it out, it’s very interesting especially for nerds such as myself.

Some sit at home doing nothing, others see the world

I thought I’d give a shout out to Matthew Lee’s blog entries at During my visit to Australia, my uncle mentioned that his nephew (on the other side of his family) keeps a blog which is well worth a look at.  I’ve only just started reading them but think they’re great and a real inspiration for young people wanting to get out and see the world, to do just that. Matthew, if you ever happen to read this and find yourself in the south end of South Korea, you’re welcome to crash at my place and share a beer or two!