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Forget about the Kardashians, let’s hear about the Denisovans

The Denisovans – have you ever heard of them?

Are they Caucasian-American entertainers threatening to take over the Kardashian empire? Are they the latest brand of affordable Russian all-terrain vehicle?

The answer is neither of the above. The Denisovans, or more precisely Denisova hominin are Paleolithic-era species of early humans, a subspecies of Homo sapiens, and precursor to us – Homo sapiens sapiens. Remember Neanderthals? Well, Denisovans are another branch of the human tree which for a time co-existed, and some cases – copulated(!) – with modern humans as did Neanderthals, leaving some of us with a trace of Denisovan DNA, sometimes in addition to Neanderthal ancestry, sometimes exclusively, and sometimes without Denisovan or Neanderthal ancestry at all as in the case of sub-Saharan Africans.

Denisovan Cave, where the Denisovan female’s bones were discovered along with the discovery of a new branch to our human line

The fascinating thing about the discovery of Denisovans is that they were discovered and pronounced as a seperate sub-species of homo sapiens in March 2010, being named after Denisova Cave in the Altai mountains, Siberia, where a female Denisovan was discovered, dated back to roughly 40,000 years ago – well within the time that modern humans – homo sapiens sapiens existed. Thanks to the advances of modern science involving DNA, geneticists have been able to determine whether Denisovans interbred with humans, which they did, and where are the highest concentrations of Denisovan DNA.

The results were surprising. Despite the Denisovan female being discovered in Siberia, individuals of that part of the world carry little or no Denisovan DNA, whereas the highest concentrations of Denisovan DNA are found in Papua New Guinea, along with indigenous Australians and other Melanesian people who carry up to 6% of DNA derived from Denisovans.

The spread of Denisovan DNA across groups of people in Asia-Pacific

Australian ABC TV’s Science program Catalyst aired a fascinating, in-depth story on Denisovans last year which I thoroughly recommend viewing.

I find genetics fascinating and enlightening as it reinforces just how similar we all are – no matter what ‘race’, creed or colour – as are all humans and quite likely our ancestors mixed with each other anyways! I’m so interested in the field, I recently gave my DNA to Science in order to get a clearer picture of my Genetic ancestry as it’s something I’ve always been intrigued by. Several years ago I bought my Mum the kit from the first incarnation of National Geographic’s Genographic Project which analysed her DNA and determined her direct patrilineal and matrilineal ancestry. But, the more recent Genographic Project 2.0 Beta is all the more inclusive, analysing not only your direct patrilineal and matrilineal lines but all in between, plus analysing what percentage remnant Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA you possess, if you happen to do so. I’ve sent off my swabs two weeks back and within the next couple of months, should start receiving results which I’ll be sure to pass on.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon – “Buddha” boy is now a man yet still a marvel

Several years ago whilst still in Korea I remember watching an interesting Discovery Channel documentary, The Boy with Divine Powers which featured the remarkable accomplishments of teenage Ram Bahadur Bomjon – then already having been dubbed “Buddha Boy” – for his ability to meditate seemingly without the need for food or water. For some reason I thought of this documentary a few days ago and was curoius as to just what happened to “Buddha Boy”? Was he still alive? Was it all just an elaborate hoax? Or, was there something more to this, something we just can’t fully explain?

The documentary – set in an isolated forest in rural Nepal where Ram had commenced his meditation and which had already become a circus with thousands of pilgrims, tourists and sightseers flocking each day to view this miracle of nature – was produced with two purposes in mind: to document Ram’s feat and its accompanying curiousty in a land bounded by a deeply spirituality but experiencing widespread change and upheaval at the time, and to monitor him for seventy-two hours continuously in order to determine whether this was an elaborate hoax or indeed a feat of incredible human endurance was being witnessed, whereby an individual is being sustained by spirituality alone, not requiring the seemingly essential nourishment of food and water to survive.

Despite a few setbacks – largely due to Ram’s over zealous brother and followers – the documentary crew were able to monitor his condition continuously for 72 hours (the amount of time the average cannot live without food or water) and assert that during this period the young man had not taken on food or water.

Fast forward eight years since Ram first started his spiritual odyssey and he is still an active meditator and  faster, being capable of inedia – the ability to live without food or water. Following the increasing accompanying circus following his fasting meditation at the base of the hollow tree featured in the documentary, Ram disappeared later in 2007 – when the documentary was released – only to be found some weeks later citing the reason why he left his original meditation spot  “because there is no peace”.

Controversy has since followed Ram, in 2010 there were reports that he had assaulted some local villagers in the Bara district of Nepal as they were mimicking his meditation, disrupting him and attempting to manhandle him. More seriously, a Slovak woman, held captive by Ram followers for three months, was released in 2012.

Ram, from a Buddhist family in majority Hindu Nepal,  has gone on record as stating he is not Buddha’s reincarnation. However, his remarkable feats continues to delight, intrigue, astonish and amaze observers leaving even the most ardent critics to question whether there is something special this man is able to achieve, and if he can, perhaps we are all capable too.

What are your thoughts? Despite the advances modern science and medicine have made over the past two centuries are there still some things that defy logic, science and the basic fundamentals of life we base our experiences upon?

Is Ram showing us something we are all ultimately capable of, or is he in some way, special, unique?

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer speaks ‘Aliens exist and two living ETs work for US Government’

Startling accounts from Former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer during the citizen hearing on UFO disclosure heard last month which featured retired military, high ranking Government officials, ufologists, pilots, and congress members both from within and outside the US include:

  • Aliens exist and four species have been visiting Earth for thousands of years
  • Hellyer names five species in his recent book but has since become aware of up two different species of extraterrestrial life.
  • He names the galaxy systems extraterrestrial species come from
  • They are distinct species with their viewpoints and agendas but may or may not align with others at this current stage.
  • There live ETs on Earth at this present time.
  • At least two ETs are working with the US Government.
  • Species include the ‘tall whites‘, a species of large stature with Nordic-like features. Hellyer spoke with former airman Charles Hall (for his first-hand accounts which include detailed accounts of the ‘tall whites’, check this video) who encountered the ‘tall whites’, being petrified at first, but later developed a working relationship with them at the Gunnery Range at Indian Springs, Nevada. The ‘tall whites’ were living on US Air Force property.
  • Hellyer believes in almost full disclosure and believes, as such, that humans are able and should be made aware once and for all that we are living in a cosmos that is teeming with life.
  • Hellyer believes that we have until the end of this decade to arrest global warming.
  • Hellyer labels the banking and financial system of the Western world as “infinitely silly” and that Western Governments at present pay lip service to global warming and are more concerned with starting wars to procure and secure the flow of oil.
  • The technology for clean energy exists but is being kept secret by the same vested interests that run the global economy and maintain the current hegemony.
  • The vested interests are according to Hellyer are the ‘cabal’ comprising of members of the ‘three sisters': – the Council on Foreign Relations, – the Bilderbergers, – and the Trilateral Commission; comprising the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organisations, and selected members of militaries who together become a shadow Government not only with the US but for much of the Western world. Hellyer goes on to describe in detail the formation of this shadow government which commenced back in 1942 during a Council on International Relations during the midst of World War II.
  • David Rockefeller is a member of all of the ‘three sisters’ and is influential in the implementation of a elite plan for the world with the ultimate goal of a world Government.

Hellyer makes further astounding claims which are guaranteed to shock you but are definitely worth viewing and considering.

Both are two other videos of interest regarding this topic. The first is a more detailed account from Charles Hall where he talks further on his interactions with the ‘tall whites’.

The second is a detailed account from dying Ex-CIA Director Richard Dolans on Nevada’s infamous Area 51 and alien life.

And, for all those UFOlogists, Sci-fi nuts, alien hunters and interested parties be sure to check out the Phil Schneider story, a fascinating account – including a seven part video detailing his accounts – from a deceased former ex-Government structural engineer who worked on the massive underground base in Dulce, New Mexico and claims to have been one of only three humans to survive the alleged fire fight between US armed forces and Grey aliens at the base in 1979.

News Hound, Tell me, will do, what is happening today?

‘I’m glad you asked, hmm let’s see …’

  • Huge waves are crashing on Sydney’s coastline as wild winds continue to pound the city while storekeepers, home owners and emergency crews mop up the damage so far.

  • As reported earlier, today saw Venus’ transit across the face of the Sun.
  • Unhappy times in the House of Rothschild as Ben Goldsmith accuses estranged wife, Kate Rothschild, of having an affair with rapper Jay Electronica.

  • Queen Elizabeth II thanks those who took part as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations wrap up
  • And, Vladimir Putin – who was “too busy” to meet at Camp David last month for a G8 meeting – finds the time to meet Hu Jintao in Beijing to promote mutual co-operation on international and regional issues.

“We both believe that we should promote our co-operation on regional and international issues, to preserve our interests and the peace and stability of the world,” Mr. Hu said. He went on to say that China and Russia should use “all platforms and channels” to expand their military ties.

OK, seems the line in the sand is starting to take shape …

Venus’ transit in front of the Sun – Happening as we speak

The good folks at the Sydney Morning Herald have set up a live feed from the Mauna Loa Exploratium in Hawaii so that you don’t you blind in viewing this celestial occurrence which last took place in 2004 but is not due to re-occur for another 105 years.

We’re just over an hour into the event which is due to continue for the next six hours. The best places to view this occurrence are the Western Pacific, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. Whilst, Gizmodo explains just why the Venus transit is one of the most important events in scientific history as it provides interplanetary perspective.

Transits of Venus were scientific gold for early astronomers, who used them to derive an accurate measurement of the size of the solar system. By noting the time each planet took to go around the sun, and then crunching that data via methods developed by 17th century mathematician Johannes Kepler, these telescope-equipped boffins could determine each planet’s relative distance from the sun, as measured in terms of astronomical units (the distance from the Earth to the Sun). Collecting such data during a transit was the reason Captain Cook was able to travel halfway around the world from London to Tahiti in 1769.

Talking of history, did you know that Captain Cook stumbled upon Australia in 1770 after travelling east from Tahiti where he viewed Venus’ transit in 1769. Venus is roughly the same size of Earth so this celestial event also makes a good point of just how small and insignificant we really are in the whole scheme of things.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an instructive video last Monday on how to view the transit without damaging your eyes. Worth a look.

The Transit of Venus website, who reminds us we only have 38537 days 8 hours until the next transit, contains comprehensive information including when are the best times to view the event in your neighbourhood.