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Why I’m concerned about the events unfolding in Syria

A comment to the Financial Times from K N Al-Sabah of London succinctly catches the situation in Syria when he writes:

“Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!

Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.

But Gulf states are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!

Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!

Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!

Gulf states are pro US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!

Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.”

As this points outs , everything’s a right royal mess with the potential to escalate to levels unthinkable. This is why I am concerning about the unfolding events surrounding Syria to anyone who’ll listen as when respected, independent scholars, activists, journalists and politicians start casting their concerns of the situation I listen.

I like to look at history as an indicator of potential events as any psychologist will state the best determiner of future behaviour is past behaviour.

As much as we like to flatter ourselves, as a collective humans haven’t changed immeasurably over the years – we’re still often motivated (particularly those who rise to the top of the power structure) by greed, status, resources & wealth which often results in humans doing atrocious things to one another.

Map displaying areas of control in Syria. – courtesy of German magazine, Der Spiegel

I’m so worried by Syria as in many ways I see it as the perfect storm which has the potential to spiral out of control once the ignition is lit.

In many ways I see a resemblance with the situation in Europe in 1914. A riven, fractured region – a crossroads – of competing powers, factions, vested interests, empires & religions propped up artificially by manufactured nations, client states and hungry empires. Only difference whereas what it took in Europe to ignite the war was a lone radical, this time it will inevitably be the strike from the superpower with the potential for everything to unravel.

Military build-up surrounding Syria – somehow I don’t think they’re there to take in the late summer sun. – Courtesy Ria Novostri

If you protest one thing this year, protest war in Syria.

Samba in Sydney – along with a fair dose of blasphemy …

It was wet, rainy, dirty and messy.

But, most importantly, it was done.

And, fittingly so, by Christ himself.

The Messiah – Joshua Kennedy

Christ the Redeemer – otherwise known as Joshua Kennedy – headed a winner into the back corner of the Iraqi net following a Bresciano header in the 83rd minute after a tense, rain plagued affair against a plucky and injury ravaged Iraqi side boosting an average age of just 21, playing for nothing but pride. Credit to the Iraqis who were tenacious – despite falling to the ground at the drop of a hat as a means of wasting time and Australian patience – being committed to finalising their 2014 World Cup Qualifying campaign on a positive note. The Australians peppered the Iraqi goalmouth throughout the first half and much of the second but it was all looking in vain until some inspired substitutions from coach Holger Osciek, most notable subbing off star Timmy ‘The Expressway‘ Cahill for the Messiah himself, Mr. Kennedy.

Jesus Saves

The Prophet proved he’s no Samson, and flowing locks or not, can get the job done. The glorious moment happened around the time when the majority were coming to the possibility of a draw and our destiny being out of our hands and dependent upon the Jordan – Oman match. As that turned out, with Jordan edging out Oman 1-0 a couple of hours later, we needed not a win or draw to qualify and a loss would have sufficed. But, signature matches demand signature moments and the glorious, exalt thee, provided that and more in the 83rd minute in front of 80,000 plus waterlogged souls at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.

Iran through too after a hard fought 1-0 victory in Seoul

In other matches, Iran secured entry to the 2014 tournament after a 1-0 victory in Seoul in what was a feisty affair. Uzbekistan, despite a 5-1 demolition of Qatar, will now face Jordan with the winner facing the fourth place CONCACAF side – at this stage likely to be one of Honduras, Panama or Costa Rica – for the right to be in Brazil.

Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
Iran 8 5 1 2 8 2 16
Korea Republic 8 4 2 2 13 7 14
Uzbekistan 8 4 2 2 11 6 14
Qatar 8 2 1 5 5 13 7
Lebanon 8 1 2 5 3 12 5
Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
Japan 8 5 2 1 16 5 17
Australia 8 3 4 1 12 7 13
Jordan 8 3 1 4 7 16 10
Oman 8 2 3 3 7 10 9
Iraq 8 1 2 5 4 8 5

Australia, South Korea and Iran now join Japan and hosts Brazil as definites for next year’s World Cup and there will be a lot of twists and turns ahead before we know the remaining 27 entrants for the 32 team football extravaganza.

Expected US Dollar collapse, its ramifications and wider implications – if it does collapse, global hegemony may never be the same again

There’s extensive talk on the Internet, particularly among alternative media outlets, on the collapse of the US Dollar. Much of this chatter talks not just of its inevitability but of the inevitable chaos and significant risk of conflict and instability during this transition period.

Many believe the collapse of the US Dollar is largely unavoidable and will throw the Western world into war with the Chinese-Russian bloc whose members comprise players such as Syria, Iran and Venezuela. Some state that technically World War III has essentially already begun. I know what you’re thinking ‘holy shit, you can’t be serious‘, ‘that’s just alarmist bullshit‘, ‘there’s no way the Russians and Chinese would align against the US and Western Europe, they need us as much as we need them‘, ‘this is just tin foil brigade fodder not to be taken seriously‘, etc. I can perfectly understand these sentiments  and to varying degrees am still on the fence when it comes to the validity and veracity of these claims.

However, I also believe in this age it is essential to assess and analyse information from as many sources as possible to collect an overall picture from which you can draw your own conclusions. Granted alternative media sources often have their own agendas, motives and audiences but this truth is entirely the same for mainstream media outlets. Hence, gather your information widely as information is knowledge and knowledge is power; the power to think, analyse and form conclusions from as many angles as possible, and if needed, install preparedness – either practically or just in a psychological sense – for an events that may or may not occur.

Let’s have a look at the reasonings for these explosive claims that the US Dollar is on its death throes; the West is determined to install its own agenda, currency and Government should it collapse; and that the Russian-Chinese alliance are just as adamant to not see that happen.

StormCloudsGathering is an online collective who create comprehensive and informative analysis of current events – their issues range from the US Collapse and inevitable conflict, geopolitical matters across the world, and philosophical and psychological narratives on a range of topics including authority and the Western school system.

A lot of their content is intense, illustrative and alarmist but their topics are well-researched, being backed up by verified sources; comprehensive and enlightening. Each topic is broken down with extensive reasoning for why the conclusion has been reached with their overall aim being the dissemination of truth stating on their website, ‘The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie’. I know what a lot of you are thinking right now, alarmist bullshit, they’ve got an agenda, they’re fear mongers and disaster peddlers, etc. But, I’d implore you to watch their videos with an open and objective mind and reach your own conclusions.

Below are four videos from their YouTube channel, the first two are in regards to their analysis and reasoning that not only is World War III imminent but that  it has already begun, whilst the next video is in regards to the US Government preparations for economic collapse, and the final deals with what will happen if/when the US economy collapses.

No matter what you think of their viewpoints or conclusions, it must be admitted that their videos are comprehensive, well researched, informative and more often than not completely contrary to what we’re told in mainstream media.

I’m going to focus today on their video in regards to World War III, which they believe has already actually begun. Their reasoning for their dire conclusion is that the world is heading straight into a huge paradigm shift of global implications as the US marches even more strongly into securing oil  and financial resources along with strategic positions in preparedness for when the US dollar and economy as a whole collapses. And, in doing such thumbing their nose at individual nations’ sovereign rights, UN declarations which they’re signed onto and as such beholden to, and increasingly drawing the ire of global powers Russia and China who are becoming ever more tired of their proxy wars in Syria and by extension, Iran.

The video explains that the elite and by extension US Government, economic and military institutions are aware of the inevitability of the US Dollar collapse and ensuing economic collapse in the US are currently ensuring that they have secured prime resources and strategic installations across the world beforehand. Whilst, when the US Dollar does collapse – they can bring forth their pre-determined plan which is a new global Government along with a new global currency. Essentially having already formulated their own problem – their reaction – and ultimate solution, as outlined in Icke’s problem-reaction-solution theory. The only problem is that Russia and China, and by extension their trading partners and strategic allies including Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil; don’t like the idea of an American superpower being replaced by a global Government and currency all directed, run by and enforced by a US-Western Europe power base; and are not going to let this happen without a fight.

As Noam Chomsky states in his 1989 book, Necessary Illusions:

As the authors of children’s tales understand, life is simple when there are heroes to admire and love, and devils to fear and despise.

One goal of a well-crafted propaganda system is to dull the mental faculties, reducing its targets to a level at which they will respond with appropriate enthusiasm to slogans carrying a patriotic message. Accordingly, the cast of characters in international affairs includes heroes, who stand for freedom, democracy, reform, and all good things, and devils, who are violent, totalitarian, and generally repellent. Most of the players are irrelevant, part of the background scenery.

Entry into the two significant categories is determined by contribution to elite interests, or harm caused to them.

In the West, we’ve been indoctrinated from birth to view the world in terms of us vs. them, good (us) vs. bad (them), we vs. other. This serves Governments, militaries and financial institutions as it creates an insider vs. outsider paradigm where the other can be dehumanised or viewed as evil and thus enabling them to be more easily vilified, prosecuted, killed or enslaved. We see this in the rhetoric of the Bushes (Snr. and Jr.) who often spoke of being on ‘God’s side’, attacking the ‘Axis of Evil’ and stating ‘You’re either with us or against us’ – there was no middle ground – it was defined as ‘good vs. ‘bad’. We see this in countless religious wars throughout history continuing to this day, if they’re not one of us they’re immoral, evil, less than us, less than human, and therefore easier to kill. I wonder if these nations, who’ve fallen on the wrong side of the US ledger at one point or another from 1945 to 1999 (not including the ones since!), view themselves as ‘evil’.

Many don’t realise but we are currently already well established in a global currency war behind the scenes, largely ignored by mainstream Western media. Saddam Hussein wouldn’t come to the party and kept rocking the boat, hence the second Iraq War – he was let off after the first Gulf War with the proviso he remained the strongman but followed US objectives, but the tyrant was incorruptible in that regard. Likewise Libya, Gaddafi having come in from the cold and being courted by Western Governments and oil companies wanted to exchange Libyan oil in an alternate currency to the US, the US made sure that didn’t happen. Now, Syria where we’re seeing the same as Assad is not towing the western line and as such a brutal, vicious and nasty civil war ensues with the US ever still keeping its eyes on Iran and ensuring that the troops in the region do not have reason to leave.

But, it goes further than that. The Peshawar High Court in Pakistan has declared CIA operated drone attacks in their country as illegal and a violation of the sovereign rights of the nation of Pakistan, which they certainly are. Meanwhile, Obama has defended drone attacks overseas but perhaps the people of Yemen and numerous countries across Africa including Mali are likewise growing ever more tired of their sovereign rights being violated unlawfully.

I know Russia certainly has, as Medvevev, in the video below, goes as far as saying the use of nuclear weapons is not off the table if attacks on national sovereignty are not halted.

So, as we can see behind the scenes a lot is occurring which is not adequately being covered by Western mainstream media sources. Russia has drawn their line in the sand and it seems to the casual observer, such as myself, that is Iran. If the US continue their strategic drone attacks across West Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and go as far as launching a pre-emptive strike on Iran (or through their ally, Israel), Russia will not take it lying down.

This is not nice news, it is not comforting news, it is not pleasant news. But, it is news that us ordinary individuals in the West should be privy to and provided by our Governments and mainstream media organisations. Russia have grown increasingly wary of US belligerence and the lines in the sand are drawn. The next move depends on the major players, let hope sanity, cool hands and humanity prevails.

How far are Israel willing to push things?

Update: A Russian ship carrying ‘dangerous’ cargo, strongly believed to be weapons, has left Cyprus after a brief stopover for Tartus, Syria. Meanwhile, Iran denies shipping weapons to Syria through Turkey. This all just goes to reinforce that not only Iran is actively supporting al-Assad’s regime in Damascus, but that Russia is as well and by extension will back Iran if push comes to shove. 

There’s increasing chatter that Wednesday’s assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan bears all the hallmarks of a Mossad hit. Benjamin Netanyahu, whilst confident that sanctions against Iran are starting to work, is nevertheless creating a fair measure of concern in Washington that Israel will pre-emptively strike Iran’s nuclear facilities against US wishes should they deemed Iran a threat. Russia have weighed in defending Iran, opposing oil sanctions against Tehran and stating that any attack on Iran is a threat to them. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad has stated Iran will respond firmly to  a US strike (what about an Israeli one?), while his mate Fidel Castro believes that Iran is unlikely to make war with the US saying,

“I’m sure that Iran will not perform thoughtless actions that could lead to war …”

So, the question remains with Iran and the US – despite their posturing – seemingly reluctant at this stage to push this impasse further, could Israel pre-emptively strike Iran against US wishes in doing so drawing the US into potential conflict, opening Israel up for reprisal attacks, and bringing other parties into the melee?


  • Things are only getting hotter in Iran after yesterday’s murder of nuclear scientist, Ahmadi Roshan. Mohammad Khadaei, Iran’s UN Ambassador, has called for condemnation against “inhumane acts of terrorism”. Meanwhile, the US have successfully convinced Japan and China to reduce oil imports from Iran.

    All this as a second US aircraft carrier arrives in the Gulf amid rising Brent crude prices whilst Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cozies up to Raul Castro stressing stronger Iranian-Cuban solidarity against imperialism.

    It’s all starting to have an air of inevitably that the simmering tension between Tehran and Washington will bubble to the surface before too long. All this will have dramatic impacts on not only the Middle East and surrounds, but the entire world as oil prices skyrocket should conflict commence. Just how Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Russia and China respond to any such conflict with have significant and very wide-reaching implications for not only the region but the world as any conflict not matter how drawn out or lengthy will be very messy and destabilising.

  • On a lighter note, take a look at ‘Outback Fight Club‘ an SBS documentary on Fred Brophy’s touring tent boxing troupe – the only left in existence. It’s a fascinating look into a side of rural Australia – far from the urban confines of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – that still exists despite the march of time along with ever-increasing bureaucracy and OH&S regulations. Whilst, the troupe continues to this day it will inevitably disappear which is sad as no matter your personal opinions on tent boxing – it is a tradition in outback Australia.
  • I found this rant against ‘charity beggars’ confronting hapless pedestrians on city streets amusing and on the money. My views on these individuals are that whilst I understand they’re paid on commissions, I don’t appreciate their aggressive approaches and reluctance to give up when confronted with a friendly ‘No’. I believe in charity and regularly donate to a number of causes but by the same token I – like the gent in the video – do not appreciate being aggressively approached whilst going about our business in public. Leave us the sod alone!
  • Lastly, how good is Seal. Seriously, how good is this man’s voice, its passion and the emotions they provoke. Check his latest piece, a rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together“.