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Expected US Dollar collapse, its ramifications and wider implications – if it does collapse, global hegemony may never be the same again

There’s extensive talk on the Internet, particularly among alternative media outlets, on the collapse of the US Dollar. Much of this chatter talks not just of its inevitability but of the inevitable chaos and significant risk of conflict and instability during this transition period.

Many believe the collapse of the US Dollar is largely unavoidable and will throw the Western world into war with the Chinese-Russian bloc whose members comprise players such as Syria, Iran and Venezuela. Some state that technically World War III has essentially already begun. I know what you’re thinking ‘holy shit, you can’t be serious‘, ‘that’s just alarmist bullshit‘, ‘there’s no way the Russians and Chinese would align against the US and Western Europe, they need us as much as we need them‘, ‘this is just tin foil brigade fodder not to be taken seriously‘, etc. I can perfectly understand these sentiments  and to varying degrees am still on the fence when it comes to the validity and veracity of these claims.

However, I also believe in this age it is essential to assess and analyse information from as many sources as possible to collect an overall picture from which you can draw your own conclusions. Granted alternative media sources often have their own agendas, motives and audiences but this truth is entirely the same for mainstream media outlets. Hence, gather your information widely as information is knowledge and knowledge is power; the power to think, analyse and form conclusions from as many angles as possible, and if needed, install preparedness – either practically or just in a psychological sense – for an events that may or may not occur.

Let’s have a look at the reasonings for these explosive claims that the US Dollar is on its death throes; the West is determined to install its own agenda, currency and Government should it collapse; and that the Russian-Chinese alliance are just as adamant to not see that happen.

StormCloudsGathering is an online collective who create comprehensive and informative analysis of current events – their issues range from the US Collapse and inevitable conflict, geopolitical matters across the world, and philosophical and psychological narratives on a range of topics including authority and the Western school system.

A lot of their content is intense, illustrative and alarmist but their topics are well-researched, being backed up by verified sources; comprehensive and enlightening. Each topic is broken down with extensive reasoning for why the conclusion has been reached with their overall aim being the dissemination of truth stating on their website, ‘The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie’. I know what a lot of you are thinking right now, alarmist bullshit, they’ve got an agenda, they’re fear mongers and disaster peddlers, etc. But, I’d implore you to watch their videos with an open and objective mind and reach your own conclusions.

Below are four videos from their YouTube channel, the first two are in regards to their analysis and reasoning that not only is World War III imminent but that  it has already begun, whilst the next video is in regards to the US Government preparations for economic collapse, and the final deals with what will happen if/when the US economy collapses.

No matter what you think of their viewpoints or conclusions, it must be admitted that their videos are comprehensive, well researched, informative and more often than not completely contrary to what we’re told in mainstream media.

I’m going to focus today on their video in regards to World War III, which they believe has already actually begun. Their reasoning for their dire conclusion is that the world is heading straight into a huge paradigm shift of global implications as the US marches even more strongly into securing oil  and financial resources along with strategic positions in preparedness for when the US dollar and economy as a whole collapses. And, in doing such thumbing their nose at individual nations’ sovereign rights, UN declarations which they’re signed onto and as such beholden to, and increasingly drawing the ire of global powers Russia and China who are becoming ever more tired of their proxy wars in Syria and by extension, Iran.

The video explains that the elite and by extension US Government, economic and military institutions are aware of the inevitability of the US Dollar collapse and ensuing economic collapse in the US are currently ensuring that they have secured prime resources and strategic installations across the world beforehand. Whilst, when the US Dollar does collapse – they can bring forth their pre-determined plan which is a new global Government along with a new global currency. Essentially having already formulated their own problem – their reaction – and ultimate solution, as outlined in Icke’s problem-reaction-solution theory. The only problem is that Russia and China, and by extension their trading partners and strategic allies including Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil; don’t like the idea of an American superpower being replaced by a global Government and currency all directed, run by and enforced by a US-Western Europe power base; and are not going to let this happen without a fight.

As Noam Chomsky states in his 1989 book, Necessary Illusions:

As the authors of children’s tales understand, life is simple when there are heroes to admire and love, and devils to fear and despise.

One goal of a well-crafted propaganda system is to dull the mental faculties, reducing its targets to a level at which they will respond with appropriate enthusiasm to slogans carrying a patriotic message. Accordingly, the cast of characters in international affairs includes heroes, who stand for freedom, democracy, reform, and all good things, and devils, who are violent, totalitarian, and generally repellent. Most of the players are irrelevant, part of the background scenery.

Entry into the two significant categories is determined by contribution to elite interests, or harm caused to them.

In the West, we’ve been indoctrinated from birth to view the world in terms of us vs. them, good (us) vs. bad (them), we vs. other. This serves Governments, militaries and financial institutions as it creates an insider vs. outsider paradigm where the other can be dehumanised or viewed as evil and thus enabling them to be more easily vilified, prosecuted, killed or enslaved. We see this in the rhetoric of the Bushes (Snr. and Jr.) who often spoke of being on ‘God’s side’, attacking the ‘Axis of Evil’ and stating ‘You’re either with us or against us’ – there was no middle ground – it was defined as ‘good vs. ‘bad’. We see this in countless religious wars throughout history continuing to this day, if they’re not one of us they’re immoral, evil, less than us, less than human, and therefore easier to kill. I wonder if these nations, who’ve fallen on the wrong side of the US ledger at one point or another from 1945 to 1999 (not including the ones since!), view themselves as ‘evil’.

Many don’t realise but we are currently already well established in a global currency war behind the scenes, largely ignored by mainstream Western media. Saddam Hussein wouldn’t come to the party and kept rocking the boat, hence the second Iraq War – he was let off after the first Gulf War with the proviso he remained the strongman but followed US objectives, but the tyrant was incorruptible in that regard. Likewise Libya, Gaddafi having come in from the cold and being courted by Western Governments and oil companies wanted to exchange Libyan oil in an alternate currency to the US, the US made sure that didn’t happen. Now, Syria where we’re seeing the same as Assad is not towing the western line and as such a brutal, vicious and nasty civil war ensues with the US ever still keeping its eyes on Iran and ensuring that the troops in the region do not have reason to leave.

But, it goes further than that. The Peshawar High Court in Pakistan has declared CIA operated drone attacks in their country as illegal and a violation of the sovereign rights of the nation of Pakistan, which they certainly are. Meanwhile, Obama has defended drone attacks overseas but perhaps the people of Yemen and numerous countries across Africa including Mali are likewise growing ever more tired of their sovereign rights being violated unlawfully.

I know Russia certainly has, as Medvevev, in the video below, goes as far as saying the use of nuclear weapons is not off the table if attacks on national sovereignty are not halted.

So, as we can see behind the scenes a lot is occurring which is not adequately being covered by Western mainstream media sources. Russia has drawn their line in the sand and it seems to the casual observer, such as myself, that is Iran. If the US continue their strategic drone attacks across West Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and go as far as launching a pre-emptive strike on Iran (or through their ally, Israel), Russia will not take it lying down.

This is not nice news, it is not comforting news, it is not pleasant news. But, it is news that us ordinary individuals in the West should be privy to and provided by our Governments and mainstream media organisations. Russia have grown increasingly wary of US belligerence and the lines in the sand are drawn. The next move depends on the major players, let hope sanity, cool hands and humanity prevails.

A great few days for Libertarians but more importantly for Freedom itself

What a week it has been!

First, there’s been the Bilderberg conference at the Grove Hotel, just outside Watford, England, which ordinarily mainstream media would ignore – despite the fact that 160 leaders; be they members of Royal families, oil barons, media moguls, techno wizs, Members of Parliament and the occasional Head of State attend year after year for clandestine talks – but were unable to this year due to the extensive coverage and support rallied by prominent alternative media figures, in particular Alex Jones and David Icke.

Now, people may decry the likes of Messrs. Jones and Icke as charlatans, nutjobs, conspiracy theorists or, simply, raving loons. But, credit where it is due, they have been where they’re not supposed to be, covering meetings they’re not supposed to know about, and rallying supporters to make their voices heard, which in turn has attracted mainstream media to cover – at least partially – the event as it is simply too big a story to ignore and dismiss as in the past.

Alex Jones – the fire breathin’, truth seekin’ Texan is robust and rambunctious, rabid and relentless, loud and obnoxious. But, at the same time, he is brave and unwavering in what he sees as a global agenda us ordinary people are not privy to but bare the brunt of, and is determined to make people see the light, no matter the costs.

David Icke is fruity and fastidious, passionate and paranoid, kooky but incorruptible and is equally determined to let people see the light that all is not what it seems, all we’ve been fed and brought up to believe is based on a pack of lies, a castle made of sand.

Below are some interesting videos of the past week produced by Messrs. Jones and Icke. For further analysis of the Bilderberg Conference from their perspective, check out their respective sites: Infowars.com (Jones) and DavidIcke.com. I’ll let you be the judge to how you view these men and the message they preach, but I ask that you commence with an open mind and listening ears.

But, as significant as this coverage by Jones, Icke, their teams and fellow alternative media outlets. It pales in comparison to the acts of one brave man, who decided he wasn’t going to sell his soul any longer, take his high salary, live in luxury and thrive whilst the public are kept deliberately in the dark by the people they believe serve them. This man is Edward Snowden, a former intelligence analyst and contractor for the NSA, who bravely decided to come out and tell the truth that has been hidden from the people of the United States (and by extension, the world), that technology – namely the PRISM surveillance program – exists, and has existed since 2007, that can and does monitor every move you make on the Internet and over the phone.

In an amazingly brave interview with The Guardian, Snowden – who until as recently as 12 hours ago was holed up in a Hong Kong hotel room states among other things:

My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them

I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.

I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done nothing wrong.

If you realise that’s the world you helped create and it’s going to get worse, with the next generation and so forth, to extend the capabilities of this sort of architecture of oppression. You realise to be willing to accept any consequences.

All my options are bad, …

Yes, I could be rendered by the CIA. I could have people come after me. Or any of the third-party partners. They work closely with a number of other nations. Or they could pay off the Triads. Any of their agents or assets.

Snowden is reportedly seeking asylum in Iceland, that’s if he can get out of Hong Kong safely. A petition has been set up on the White House Petitions website, please sign it if you care about your freedom, your family’s future and wish to protect a brave man who took a stand against tyranny.

Meanwhile, Obama is pressured over NSA snooping, as well he should!

Some much needed humour. Or, irony, at least …

And, lastly if you haven’t seen the documentary, Zeitgeist: Addenum (nor its prequel or sequel) before, I strongly recommend you do so now.

Boston – questions lingering; and a look at other motives

The Bombings

It’s been over a week since the fatal bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and in the following nine days we’ve seen a number of developments which have led to the death of accused Tamerlan Tsarnaev and capture of younger brother Dzhokhar, two young Americans of Chechen heritage said to have fallen into the hands of Islamic extremism.

But, from the moment of the announcement that these two men were the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings, something just didn’t seem right to me. In fact, something screamed out to me that these men were not solely involved in these attacks. Sensational media coverage followed the hunt for the two men culminating in the death of older brother, Tamerlan, and apprehension of younger brother, Dzhokhar, now in custody.

But questions arise, that to my judgement do not fit well into the ‘official’ line:

  • If the Tsarnaev brothers were solely behind the Bombing Marathon attacks, why did they stay in Boston and go about their business in the days following, staying at their residences, and according to reports, even going to a party, in the case of Dzhokhar, the night before their shootout and two days after the bombing? Does not make sense.
    Critics would argue that they were merely acting nonchalantly and covering their tracks but surely as a precaution, given the nature and magnitude of the attacks and subsequent investigation and manhunt, you’d lie low and get the hell outta Dodge?
  •  Was Tamerlan apprehended alive and killed afterwards? This video displays a naked man, who had been strip searched, being taken away by authorities. The man bares a striking resemblance to the now deceased older Tsarnaev brother. How does this, go to this?
  • How could a manhunt of this magnitude and intensity, miss the vital clues leading to a resident finding Dzhokhar in his boat after seeing blood on the side of it?
  • And, how did he make his way out of the boat of his own accord and then mysteriously suffer a life-threatening injury to his throat – convenient, that way he can’t speak! – moments after he is arrested?
  • Now, the police shootout before Tamerlan’s death and Dzhokhar’s apprehension. Listen to the voices, “Chill out, chill out, it wasn’t us!”, the gunfight in this ‘shootout’ sounds quite one-sided as well. These men to me don’t seem to be resisting arrest.
  • The mysterious men at the Boston Marathon? They have been revealed as Massachusetts chapter members of the National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (CST). But, their presence seems to indicate that there were security concerns, and if there were concerns why was not more attention paid to searching people’s bags and personal belongings? You can’t get into a football match or concert these days without security searching your items for contraband or weapons, why given the extensive security presence were basic security precautions pertaining to a large, well-known public event adhered to?

My present leaning is that indeed the Tsarnaev brothers did have some involvement in the Boston Marathon Bombings but were led to believe that they would be aided, abetted and supported planning and conducting the attacks and in their aftermath, hence their nonchalance in the days following, only to discover three days later, ‘Holy shit, we’re Public Enemy No. 1′ now!, as they discover they are now the lone suspects. Mass confusion, conflicting reports, uncertainty reported as facts are only natural given an incident and aftermath of this scope and nature, but I find this situation to be riddled with misinformation, consistencies and conflicting reports days later, leading to my skepticism.

People may find it abhorrent that an individual such as myself may question events following a tragedy such as the Boston Marathon Bombings. Whilst, I understand their sentiment, I alternatively find it abhorrent when I believe that mass media, the authorities and US Government provide inconsistent, incoherent information and pass it off as undeniable fact under the motto of ‘You’re either with us, or you’re against us?’. Sorry, but I just am after the truth and have a tendency to smell bullshit when it’s presented as fact, and this time the shit is rancid.

As for Dzhokhar ‘confessing’ to the bombings, shit the kid’s seen what’s happened to his brother, was denied the Miranda rights initially and knows his future is fucked whether it’s a life of deprivation and torture at Guantanamo, on the end of a hangman’s noose, or a fix-up somewhere else down the line. The kid is gone, and he knows it. Innocence, whether he possesses it or not, is futile.

Often dismissed as a right-wing nut job and conspiracy theorist with grand delusions of Government cover-ups, Alex Jones and his team have shown up as one of the few media outlets to make any genuine sense following the bombings. He’s had a range of interesting guests who’ve presented their understanding and motives behind the attacks, and a lot of it sounds plausible.

What if anything does the US have to gain if this was indeed a false flag or cover-up?

Good question. My gut instinct is that a nation locked in fear with a common enemy is a relatively united and cohesive one. We saw this in the 3-4 years following 9/11 when patriotism was high, the desire to right wrongs (since justified or not) and invade Afghanistan and Iraq was almost unanimous, and with support for the US Government, mainstream media and military near record highs.

Fast forward 10 years and look at the US now, more divided that has been for decades – be it politically, economically, spirituality. The last 5 years have been disastrous for the nation with the Global Financial Crisis, lingering unemployment, rising divide between rich and poor, increasing mistrust of the Government and mainstream media, and increasing divide between left and right. Shit, if you were in power wouldn’t you dream of reliving the ‘good ole days’!

Terrorist attacks work to bring the people back together and united against the one ‘enemy’ whoever or whomever that may be. A war on terror is a perfect war for a Government to be completely cynical as you’re fighting against an oft nameless, faceless, mobile foe, who is not easily identifiable.

If the Government. were behind this or allowed it to occur there could have any number of motives, which frankly I have no absolute knowledge of. But, if this was known and allowed to continue forth regardless, there must have substantial benefits in allowing it to go ahead. And, in the process give the State and authorities further powers to continue to chip away at liberties and personal freedom. Hello, Martial Law Boston 2013! – Scores of police, military and intelligence officers and their equipment descending on innocent people’s houses and conducting aggressive and unwarranted searches all in the name of security. Yeah, security’s pointing a gun at my kid’s head and yelling “Keep your hand’s up!”. This wasn’t a slum infested with a hive of insurgents in Sadr City or Mazar-e-Sharif, this was Boston, mainland US 2013, but the same methods of rampant aggression and all brawns and no brains were the same.

One armed gunman, reportedly with grenades. One man. Meanwhile, Chicago continues to experience a drug war with over 500 people taken out in the past year. Where’s the saturated police presence there? Surely they care about civilian lives enough to do everything in their power to stop those killings? Meanwhile, there’s over 30,000 homicides a year.

But, let’s go over the top, scare, intimidate & bully the whole neighbourhood and in doing so miss the bloody individual you’re after – it was the homeowner who alerted them afterwards by discovering blood on the boat. Their methods of policing they honed overseas now being exercised at home – I wonder if they’ll be as ‘successful’, or just create greater mistrust and dissension. Perhaps after Iraq and Afghanistan, the next battlefield will be closer to home and this was just a mock trial? Sure, there was collateral damage but shit happens.

Now, people are probably getting convinced that I’m a conspiracy theorist nut bag. I tell you what, I really, truly hope I am and that I am imagining this or unwittingly being taken in by other dreamers as the truth would be a hell of a lot scarier.

Doug Stuber wrote a thought provoking and informative article following the bombings at Social Discourse of Disquiet several days back before the bombers were found/killed. In the article, he listed the comprehensive list compiled by William Blum of Foreign Policy Watch of US foreign interventions from 1945 to 1999, many of which ousting democratically elected leaders replacing them with often corrupt, dictator puppets to the US. The list can be found here, but be warned you might need a cup of coffee and something to eat whilst reading as it is a long list!

Australians tend not to see or believe this side of US foreign policy as our ideas, values, interests and aspirations have largely mirrored that of our ally for the past 60 years. Ask a Panamanian, a Colombian, a Libyan, a Cambodian, a Pakistani, they may well have different values based on experience.

The Project for a New American Century,  was a neo-conservative think-think established in 1997 consisting of a committee including hawks and prominent members of the (Younger) Bush administration – former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and former Governor of Florida and younger brother of former President George W Bush, Jeb Bush. Let’s have a look at the Statement of Principles fleshed out from the think-tank:

Our aim is to remind Americans of these lessons and to draw their consequences for today. Here are four consequences:

• we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global
responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future;

• we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values;

• we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad;

• we need to accept responsibility for America’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles

Seemingly innocuous at first inspection but look behind the surface with an eye for what’s occurred in the last 16 years since this was drafted. Successive US administrations have significantly increased their military budget to ‘carry out their global responsibilities’ at the expense of little things, just you know, health, education, welfare; they have strengthened their ties with allies whilst well and truly ‘challenged’ regimes hostile to their ‘interests and values'; they’ve promoted the cause of ‘political and economic freedom’ abroad under their broad definition of the term; and accepted responsibility for America’s ‘unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles’ – this is key, notice the terms ‘our security, prosperity, and principles’, not global security, prosperity and principles but their global security, prosperity and principles.

Noam Chomsky analyses just how many war crimes the US have committed in their  ‘unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles’. If a nation can forcibly apply such destructive self-interest to foreign nations and their citizens and get away with it, what’s to stop them believing they can now apply the same at home?

We’ve seen Iraq and the non existent weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to war, we’ve seen opium crops sprout back right up to record highs following the invasion of Afghanistan, we’ve heard of Operation Northwoods, an exposed false flag as a pretext to war, shot down before implementation by then President JFK who himself was subsequently shot down in public view a year later. Don’t even get me started on the lingering inconsistencies and unanswered questions following 9/11.

Why is it still so hard for people to believe that the US Government and Military may use under-handed tactics which are subsequently supported and backed up by mainstream media?


Alex Jones – Piers Morgan Smackdown

Damn, this was worthy of being on pay per view – the gruff voiced, straight-shootin’, conspiracy nut Texan up against the plum voiced, dandy, ‘redcoat’ establishment English squire. It was always going to be fiery given Jones has campaigned for Morgan’s deportation.

Jones came on huffing and puffing, ranting and raving, barely took a breath between his tirades, derailments, insults, impersonations and non sequiturs. Morgan, to his credit, remained calm – though often bewildered, understandably. Any worthy or thought provoking points Jones made amid his obstinate heckling were lost due to his disproportionally manic anger.

It had it all – calls for a boxing duel, mocking of the Queen’s English, rants about SSRIs, the New World Order, the Military Industrial Complex, sharks, 9/11, you name it but precious little rational debate about the issue at hand.

Watch it. But, be sure to grab a coffee or perhaps a coke and some popcorn as this is TV at its finest.

For what it’s worth, here’s Alex Jones’ follow up video on the debate, and his experiences before and after where he describes the CNN studios resembling Hitler’s compound, reports being stalked by New York Police thugs or Bloomberg‘s Armed Mafia as he refers to them.

Not that I necessarily agree with him but one week earlier Jesse Ventura showed how you can have a rational debate on this issue and make valid points.

Jesse Ventura : True American patriot or raving loon?

A month or two ago my attention was brought to the truTV series Conspiracy Theory where former Navy Seal and Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura and his troop investigate popular conspiracy theories – interviewing key witnesses, informants and/or Government officials in an attempt to expose the validity of each particular conspiracy theory. True, it’s over sensationalised, spooky TV announcer voiced rubbish a lot of the time but sometimes you can’t help but think he may not be too far off the mark. Case in point his episode on the “Police State” which was shown once only to receive calls from US Congressman Steve Cohen for the program’s cancellation as it is “so full of inaccuracies and irresponsible distortions.”  Alas, this episode was never to be seen again bar YouTube. Perhaps he got a bit too close to the truth there?

But, for every in-depth, thought provoking, even profound episode such as “The Pentagon” and “The Bilderberg Group“, there’s the silly, unlikely or downright kooky such as “Area 51” and especially “The Reptilian Agenda“, where Ventura personally confronts David Icke on the issue. These episodes go a long way to damage the program’s credibility. However, I’m sure in the name of entertainment Ventura is instructed to pursue the more nutty conspiracies in equal proportion to those which are more credible.

Increasingly the program, the most popular on truTV, has experienced baffling schedule changes, always unannounced during this latest third series which Ventura lamented in a recent interview with Alex Jones, with the belief that truTV’s parent company TimeWarner is putting the kibosh on the series and deliberately sabotaging it. Given this it’s almost guaranteed that the program will not be continued following this current series especially considering the produced episode on the “TSA” will not be aired with Ventura stating, “the decision was made at TruTV, if you want to know, ask them.”

Ventura himself is a fascinating individual. A former Navy Seal, professional wrestler and Governor of the state of Minnesota, he’s written several books on politics and conspiracies, which have been New York Times’ bestsellers and currently has a pending lawsuit against the TSA. He currently spreads his time between the US and his adopted home in Baja California Sur, as he works towards attaining dual US and Mexican citizenship. Naturally, the man is not without controversy which centre around his military background and possible embellishments and/or outright lies in regards to it, his patriotism in the eyes of conservatives, and alleged incident with former Navy Seal and marksman, Chris Kyle.

Ventura made a point of endorsing Ron Paul as the Republican candidate for the 2012 US election and has on occasion stated a desire to run as an independent on the same ticket as Ron Paul in the 2016 election should Paul decide to run.

Bellicose and verbose at times in equal measure, there’s no disputing his passion, intellect and thirst for the truth. For those who dispute his intelligence, just look at how he schools his opposition.

Ventura often states that why should things that his – and every other US taxpayers’ – taxes go towards be hidden and there’s a definite point to be made in that. The US Government and major corporations amass incredible power and wealth with the aid of the US military as back-up, clandestine and covert operations have been unfurled in the past and no doubt many are in the process as we speak.

He’s a man who seeks the truth and demands accountability, lamenting the fact that the very values America exalted and were created upon – that of justice and freedom of speech – are little by little being eroded in an environment where questioning is frowned upon at best and more often that not seen as a threat as the corporations, media, Government, military and law enforcement tightened their grip on the rights of every day American citizens.

History may well prove him to be wrong on many accounts but there’s no denying his heart is in the right place when it comes to the rights of the American people. The world, the US in particular, need more Jesse Venturas at this time not less – those fearless in the chorus of heckles, ready to tread the path less ventured and not afraid to be heard. For these reasons I believe the man to be an American patriot made of the same ilk of some of the greatest such as Lincoln and Kennedy. Let’s hope the same ending does not befall him.